TheValentinesArrangement AMAZON (2)“I didn’t want the line to get blurry, and I sure as hell didn’t want you to
cross it.”

Ronnie Clark, an edgy tattoo artist with hopes of high tailing
it out of the forsaken Military town she followed her now ex-fiancé to, is
counting down the days until Valentine’s Day is over. Ronnie doesn’t do romance.
She doesn’t do flowers or dates, and she sure as hell doesn’t do love—not
anymore. After her fiancé slept with a female soldier while deployed, she has
vowed never to fall in love again, especially with a soldier.

Sergeant First Class Kale Emerson is home on his mid-tour leave from Iraq, but he only has one thing on his mind—returning to his deployment to finishing leading his
soldiers on their mission. The last thing he wants is a relationship, but casual
sex, that’s a different story. And when he meets the renowned tattoo artist
Ronnie Clark, a snarky, blunt, takes no prisoners kind of woman, that seems to
be all he can think about.

But when Kale realizes he has met his match
with a bombshell woman who is hell bent against love, will just sex be enough?
And if it’s not, will he be able to convince Ronnie that the proverbial hearts
and flowers aren’t so bad after all, even if he is a soldier?

“You changed something inside me, something I didn’t ever think I would want, or
feel—but you did, and now I can’t go back”

I love when I stumble on a great book that just comes out and not many people know about it yet!  When I do, and I love it that much, I want to tell everyone about it!  That is what happened to me with The Valentine’s Arrangement.  I had it on my TBR list and planned on buying it soon.  Then I actually won a free copy from the author herself on Facebook.  I started it right away.  Right around 4% in, I messaged Em and told her how much I was loving it and that she needed to buy it, pronto!  It was a quick read, but didn’t feel that way at all.  I never felt cheated or that it was too short.  So Em finished it (in a day, I think, that girl is one fast reader!) and I said we need to do a giveaway and discuss this!  So, here we are, celebrating 200 likes and giving away an e-copy of this awesome new book!  (details are at the bottom of the review)

{D} I know I’m the huge fan here of this novel.  Right off the bat I love Ronnie, her attitude, smugness, directness and bitchiness!  I wonder why????

{Em} I love her tattoos. I want to be her and I’m totally jealous.

{D} LOL, I’m the extreme opposite of her, but I think I had a girl crush 😉

{Em} Definite girl crush

{D} Enter Kale…Now, I am a fan of the all american boy!

{Em} I’m totally not a clean cut guy kinda girl. BUT, there was something about him that made me all kinds of hot.

{D} See, Em, this is why we work.  We are so different!

{Em} LOL

{D} I loved all the military stuff in the book.  It was just enough to set the scene, but not be confusing for us civilians.

{Em} I agree

{D} Did you know that Kelsie Leverich is an army wife?

{Em} of course. I read the bio. I liked that she could give a real perspective of it.

{D} The “mind fucking” was great.  And there was a lot of it!

{Em} I do love that it wasn’t all, “I’m in looooooooooooove!” after the first meeting. She took some time to come around. She didn’t say just what she thought he wanted to hear.

{D} that’s why Ronnie is so great!  She stuck to her guns (for awhile).  I don’t blame her, I would have caved long before.  His take control attitude was just at the right times. I loved when she called him “Soldier” and “Emerson”.

{Em} He was in control without being controlling!

{D} He was super sweet,  One of the most revealing scenes with him was in the airport when he was speaking to the little boy.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I totally believe that the men and women of the armed forces are true superheroes.  So those references were great.

{Em} Oh, I loved that.  Or when he let her walk away, knowing he was going to fight for her.  It was great when he took her line about “Captain America”!

{D} For Ronnie, that whole last 10% or so was great to see.  She really is a sweet and compassionate person.  She was honest from the get go and told him her fears of being in a relationship and how hard it would be.  There was no sugar coating.

{Em} I liked that in regard to her ex, she admitted how easy it’d be to fall back in to that routine, but she DIDN’T. She stood up for herself.

{D} I know.  I described this novel as honest.  and that’s another one of the examples why.  She admitted that she still loved him, could still be with him and how easy it would be. I think it was so realistic.  that’s one of the reasons why i loved it so much.

OK, enough with the serious.  let’s discuss Ms. Leverich’s sex scenes…

{Em} they were Fabulous!

{D} Lots of smoking hot detail from both Ronnie and Kale!

{Em} Without being raunchy.

{D} I like raunchy!

{Em} Ok, not in a BAD raunchy.

{D}  LOL, He basically just took what he wanted.

{Em} But she didn’t give him what she didn’t want.

He’s like the honey badger! He didn’t give a shit, just took what he wanted!

{D} My kind of man 😉  A fave part is in the last scene where she’s in the gray tight dress.  I won’t say why, but Kale says something like….I’m one lucky son of a bitch.  I cracked up!

And let’s discuss the role of her *F* me high heels???

{Em} I kind of want to buy some.  I like when he showed up on Valentine’s day and she was in sweats.

{D} and a top knot!!!

{Em} Yep!  and he still wanted her!

{D} So these two are total opposites in life but “fit together like puzzle pieces”  I really fell in love with them and their story!  I want more!!!!

{Em} Is there going to be more?

{D} Hmm, I don’t know!  Let me message Kelsie.  I hope she doesn’t think I’m a stalker! And hot damn, I did this review without any wine!  What the hell?? (and since when do i say, hot damn?)

{Em} I say it all the time.

{D} maybe I got it from you, us Yanks don’t talk that way 😉

{Em} listen, me and my southern charm have to keep things calm!

{D} So, Kelsie Leverich just messaged me back, a sequel is in the making!!!  She is hoping for late spring or early summer release!!!!  I’m so excited!

So, there you have it!  You cannot go wrong with this novel.  It has just enough of everything!!!

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