Being confronted on the beach by a sexy stranger wasn’t part of Natalie Conner’s plans for a peaceful morning taking photos. And why on earth would he think she’s taking pictures of him, anyway? Who is he? One thing’s for sure, he’s hot, and incredibly romantic, feeding Natalie’s wounded soul.
Luke Williams just wants the world to give him a break, so seeing yet another camera aimed at his face has him ready to pounce on the beauty behind the lens. When he finds out she has no idea who he is, he’s intrigued and more than a little tempted by her. Natalie has a body made for sex, a sassy mouth and Luke can’t get enough of her, but he’s not ready to tell her who he really his.
Natalie is a no nonsense girl who doesn’t do well with lies and secrets. What will happen to this new relationship when she discovers what Luke’s hiding?

So we decided to do this review a little different than the others. Only because it was so easy to chat about and you can get how much we both just LOVED this book. Seriously loved it. This discussion definitely let’s you know which one of us is the flirty one and which one of us is the dirty one. 😉 😉 So here ya go… (disclaimer: I had to go back and rearrange the conversation. We were a little unfocused and it was ALL OVER THE PLACE!)

D: Um holy moly Luke. ( fanning myself). Only 9% in

Em: hahaha. Which Part?

D: When they are on the couch after dinner discussing the text from Grant

Em: and he wants to know if he has competition b/c he wants to fuck her

D: Yes. Oh God

D: Hahaha. “So, no sex” ” not tonight”. Wahhhhh. I’d die. Lol

Em: I was considering a cold shower for myself when he said no sex that night. But it made me start falling in love with him. He’s a good guy!

D: Low on the angst/heartache scale?

Em: Very low. Like 97% sweet, romantic, and hot.

D: Yay! Also I didn’t read the preview so I don’t know anything about it

Em: Favorite part?

D: “I’m almost afraid of my orgasm. He’s going down on her and when she comes she says she calls his name or something like it. ‘I may be speaking in tongues’.”

Em: I literally LOL’d at that part.

D: Me too

Em: My favorite part. Hm. I don’t know if I can nail it down to one specific thing. I think if I HAD to, it’d be the plane ride.

D: Any of the million times he just pulled her onto his lap and fucked her.

Em: Of course! Who wouldn’t love that?

D: RAISING HAND! That’s my fave

{and then we break for the night b/c you have to sleep sometime}

D: 70%. I have to get showered and actually do shit today. Lol. I’ll finish tonight 🙂

D: I want to marry him.

Em: He is so dreamy.

D: it was very sweet, i often thought…this is Ryan Christensen in the later years 😉

Em: oh, yea! I was trying to place who I was relating him to! That was it! I loved that he romanced her. It wasn’t just “oh hey, we just met. let’s shag.” but I also loved that it wasn’t long and drawn out

D: Ok so w Luke I love how bossy he is yet do sweet

Em: he’s bossy without being controlling

D: Also reminds me if Christian grey with how he loves watching her eat.  Makes her feel good about herself. That’s what I love

Em: and I love that he is so in love with her and just overall makes himself involved with her life w/o being clingy and annoying

D: don’t hate me, but while I thought her sex scenes were hot, at times, i felt like they fizzled out a bit. BUT they were a plenty, so that made up for it. like some there were a lot of details, then it ended

D: i love how she asked him for dirty sex. i know you loved her tattoos

Em: oh I loved her tattoos

Em: And I loved how she was so confident, but needed him, too. I loved that they each had their own past, but it was realistic

D: i didn’t love {SPOILER}…. but we can’t put a spoiler in the review, right

Em: yea, can’t put a spoiler in the review. I didn’t mind {SPOILER}, but his reaction wasn’t realistic

[now insert a lot of random chatter that is so not related to CAWM for a bit. Seriously, discussing a book while you’re drinking is a little tough…]

D: that reminds me , my fave sex scene in the book was when they were in the bathroom and he made her face the mirror and is behind her

Em: I personally liked when he woke her up by going down on her

And to wrap it up…

D: the ending was good and i always love an epilogue from the man

Em: Oh I loved that! I like how the characters for the subsequent books were introduced enough for you to be excited to really learn about them. While I was satisfied with the closure of Luke and nat, I’m excited to see how their life develops

D: Now the cat will be out of the bag as to who’s dirty. Lol

Em: That’s why we work. We’re a great balance of flirty and dirty

D: I know I’m the dirty. Haha

Em: <—flirty

So there you have it. Overall, we both loved it. Very excited about the sequel – Fight With Me. Low on the angst and heartache scale. If you are looking for something sweet and sexy, this is it. The characters are great. I loved the supporting characters as much as I loved Luke and Natalie and cannot wait to get some more!

Isaac and Stacy’s novella is due out in December, so you won’t want to miss that! Jules and Nate’s book is due out in early January. We are SO excited to read those!